Rags For Bones



Love these pants from Gina Tricot. The black and white trend is still one of my faves even though I do love color and over-the-top prints. I’ve noticed that a lot of the items I post are designer items, it’s not intentional I swear. I always shop at chain stores myself, and luckily they always copy the runway trends at an affordable price. At least there’s one affordable item in this set, as for…

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This set was made for a group contest called ‘loneliness’, and I think I got the right feeling in this set. I did win the contest too. That being said, only two people participated!! Such a great win! But I like this set, it has a vibe to it that does depict loneliness. Probably thanks to the kitty. One of the hottest trends this season is as furry as this kitten. Fur, or faux fur, waistcoats are…

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Fall Fabulous

Another fall set for you all. I know I said I’d post a few more posts throughout the day, but I had totally forgotten that I was going to babysit this evening. Oh well, kids are finally in bed and I get to make at least one more update today. I often wear leggings, it’s my version of sweatpants. But when wearing leggings you need something to cover the upper part of your thighs. Or at least I…

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Fancy Living

This outfit is fierce with its bright lime details. Looking at it now, I think I would have chosen a different top, but this set did get a lot of likes so someone seems to like it as it is. The printed trousers are from Didier Parakian and available at luisaviaroma.com. They are fabulous, no doubt about it! The top is by one of my fave designers; Roberto Cavalli. Love the giraffe print and the…

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Go monochrome this fall. Black and white, with every shade in between is always a safe and stylish choice. I do love color, and crazy prints, but I also love black and white. This tricolor skirt is from Octavio Pizarro and the geometric design is fabulous. Right up my alley. The chiffon blouse is from Mango, nothing like mixing expensive items with cheaper items. A favorite item of mine is the…

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Fall Fashion

This image is taken from Emilio Pucci RTW Fall 2014 show. Emilio Pucci is one of my favorite designers. Or to be accurate, the designer is Peter Dundas so it would be better to say one of my favorite design houses. Dundas has roots in my country, Norway, and it shows in his collection. His knitted items feels like home with its northern vibe. I found a tribal cardigan from Modcloth that resembles…

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Crazy with color

You can’t escape the color red this fall. The color is one of the biggest trends this season. If you love the color and the monochrome look, soak yourself in red from head toe as seen on the runway. Not everyone likes the attention the color brings so instead of going head to toe you can tone it down and play with it in the details. Another popular trend is geometric shapes and graphic prints.…

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Girl next door

Denim never goes out of style and is a must-have in every closet. I’m not a fan of denim skirts or jackets but a nice pair of jeans are always welcome. I remember back in the day when we all wore Lewis 501 or 510. It was all about the rear end. Now I’m more concerned about wash and color. I like them to look a bit worn out, or distressed as they’re now called. And this pair from Diesel is just…

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Exotic centerpiece

It’s been a while since my last home set. People don’t decorate only for Christmas and Easter nowadays, it’s just as popular to decorate for fall. With fall colors, leaves and what have you. This set was made for a centerpiece contest. And even though I made it this summer I thought the colors were suited for a fall post. I’ll be posting a fashion set shortly. Maybe I should make a new home set…

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Sep 9


Falling http://wp.me/s3ojZc-falling

It looks like high summer in my garden, with flowers blooming everywhere, but the trees are telling a different story. Leaves are falling and the forest is showing off its prettiest colors. The awesome shirt in this set is by MSGM and it’s very trendy with its graphic diamond print in bold colors. I love the concealed buttons, perfect for women with a large chest area. I have to go up several…

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