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Lively & Amazing

It’s late at night and way past my bedtime, several hours ago. We’re having a blast and enjoying every moment. My family is the greatest! Tomorrow we’re going downtown and it’s warm enough for a skirt so I’ll be going black and white again. And since I’m in the big capital city I have to dress a bit classy for the occasion. I’ll be back again with my regular updates as soon as we’re home and…

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Shady http://wp.me/s3ojZc-shady

We’re having a wonderful time but not much time to be online. So I’ll just post this set for you to have something to look at and maybe , before bed time, I’ll stop by with another set. Until then, have a great Friday night. If I was going out on the town I’d love to wear this outfit. Long sleeves look fabulous with a short skirt, and it’s perfect now that evenings are a bit colder. Tonight it’s…

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Blogger Style

Animal prints are still a hit this fall and especially leopard prints. This set was made for a blogger style contest and my favorite fashion blogger is Flavia from Fashioncoolture. This girl knows style. She wears a lot of short skirts, maybe a bit short for me at this age but I still love the style. You can visit her by clicking here. We’ve arrived in Oslo, just in time to go to bed. And I’m on…

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How to style with a summer scarf

How to style with a summer scarf

Here’s the set that won 2nd in a Polyvore contest. My very first Polyvore win!!! I’ve won many group contests at Polyvore but never one held by the site itself. So yes I’m proud! The theme of the contest was ‘summer scarf’. So here’s how I would style with a scarf. I’ll leave you to enjoy this set while I go catch the train:) C-ya!! Caged Caged by noconfessions featuring a zip tote bag

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I promised one more post today but I really don’t have the time for it. But here it is anyways. I thought I had everything ready for our trip tomorrow but then you always forget something. So I’m getting some final things sorted and then I need to get some sleep. I’ll leave you with this casual outfit, perfect to travel in except that I never travel in jeans:) Good night!! SneakersStyle SneakersStyle by noc…

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Chic Traveller

Pack and go! We’re not going to Paris but we’re off to Oslo tomorrow. I’m all packed and ready to go. And I don’t have to worry about my plants as I’ve arranged for our home to be taken care of. You want to look chic when travelling but also be comfortable. I would never travel in jeans, they’re simply not flexible enough for me. I need a pair of pants that are easy to move around in. For a 5…

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Black & white with a hint of brown

Black & white with a hint of brown

Plaid is another trend that just won’t let go. (or checks if you will). Mix and match with different colors, this season you should have fun with your plaids. The only mixing I’m doing in this set though is playing with prints. It’s a lot going on in this set, but when you keep it down to just a few colors you can get away with mixing different prints, even when done on every single item. I’m not…

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Sporty http://wp.me/s3ojZc-sporty

So, doctor’s order; start exercising. I’ve never liked to work-out, and I’ve never liked any type of clothing that speaks sporty. But you gotta do what you gotta do, so first things first. I figured, why not start by getting comfortable with the sporty trend. It’s a trend that intends to follow us into fall so it’s a good idea to get familiar with it. Black and white are a safe combo and one that…

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Vamp http://wp.me/s3ojZc-vamp

Boyfriend jeans always looks fab when paired with a blazer and high heels. These broken-in boyfriend jeans are from J.Crew. Love the printed top from Proenza Schouler, it is also available with pink details. The blazer is from Roberto Cavalli. Sandals from Rachel Zoe and handbag from DXmall.com. All items still available for purchase. Amazing really since I made this set a good while ago. I’m…

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Be(e) http://wp.me/s3ojZc-bee

It’s a wonderful day today. The sun is shining and it’s quiet warm even. So today I’m going for a skirt. This figure-hugging striped skirt is from Theory. Stripes are making a comeback every season it seems so maybe it’s safe to say it’s not a trend but a fashion staple. It’s not the first time this bright yellow top, from Roberto Cavalli, appears on this blog. But a good thing can’t be shown too…

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