Rags For Bones

Oct 1

Black and beige

Since I love stripes, and stripes never goes out of style, this outfit is right on the money! Stripes are everywhere in this set, but very coordinated so it doesn’t look messy. Love this outfit! The black and nude striped mini skirt is from River Island and still available. If you want it you should hurry, at the price it’s now I doubt it’ll stick around for much longer. This is a perfect case of…

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Maxi transition

Another example on the subject I talked about yesterday. How to transition a maxi dress from summer to fall. This set got picked out and featured on the Polyvore main page. I love the idea of wearing a sweater on top of a dress, it transforms the dress into an all new item. This outfit is a bit warmer than the one I posted yesterday. So even if it gets colder you can still wear your dress by…

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Summer to Fall- Maxi Dress

Summer to Fall- Maxi Dress

By now many of you might already have packed away most of your summer outfits, or maybe you’re still hanging on to the hope that you might get a chance to wear that summer dress just one more time. Fear not, the solution is here. (lol). You can still wear any dress or skirt you want even if it’s chilly, just add a nice pair of tights or leggings underneath to keep your legs warm. Or choose…

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Autumn http://wp.me/s3ojZc-autumn

Today I’ve been out harvesting, kinda. I’ve founds twigs, pine cones, berries, leaves and a lot of other stuff that I used to decorate porch for fall. I have to admit it’s looking great, even with all the pretty garden flowers removed it still looks good. So I figured I should post a set that also holds the same cosy fall feeling. The license plate says ‘summer’ but in my opinion this is a fall…

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60 Sec

The 60 second style thing is a contest theme that comes around regularly at Polyvore. These types of contests usually asks this question “What would you wear to a said situation and/or place if you only had 60 seconds to throw something on”. So that’s what they call 60 second style. I no longer recall the occasion but this is obviously what I chose to wear, seems like it was something casual.…

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Bring me a cup

Bring me a cup

This set placed 4th in a group contest at Polyvore, and it’s one of my favorite sets. Mostly due to the coffee and cupcakes:) I can’t believe the amount of rain that’s been pouring down the last few days. And yesterday we had thunder and lightning, and it’s rare this time of year. But never mind the weather, it’s Saturday and time to put on a dress. This outfit is no party outfit but perfect for…

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Beautiful Fantasy

This set was made a good while ago but somehow I’ve overlooked it. It’s not an outfit that fits the season so I’m just going to leave it be without saying anything about it. I’ll be back with another post later today.
Beautiful Fantasy Beautiful Fantasy by noconfessions featuring petite jackets

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Get Adorkable with Topshop

Get Adorkable with Topshop

This set was made for a Polyvore contest a while back. The contest was a collaboration between Polyvore and TopShop to bring attention to TopShop’s new collection called Adorkable. This is a collection focusing on students going back to school. So all items in this set, a part from the necklace, are from TopShop. Must be a popular collection since most of the items are already out of stock. It’s…

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Do Dare!

Love this outfit! Red is a hot and trendy color this fall and combined with black you’ll be the one stealing the spotlight. Leather is as always trendy this time of year. The leather jacket has become a basic but how about a leather t-shirt?! This one is from Acne Studios and it is fabulous. The A-line skirt has the right shape for the season as the 60’s is making a comeback in fashion. I…

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Birthday Girl

I’ve had a great birthday and now it’s over in about 20 minutes. But it’s still my birthday and I’ll write short posts if I want too:) I’m super tired and ready for bed. So I’m leaving you with this lovely red dress. Goodnight everyone!Birthday Girl Birthday Girl by noconfessions featuring black shoes

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